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Hive Thermostat

Hive could save up to £150 per year on your energy bills.

Control your heating and hot water remotely via Android or iOS devices and via website dashboard. Geolocation and text control enable you to receive heating alerts and send commands to the Hive anytime, anywhere.

User friendly functions include holiday mode to ensure the heating is on when you arrive home. Includes heating and hot water boosts for up to 6 hours, PIN child lock, and automatic frost protection.

Wireless wi-fi connection is required. The thermostat itself is battery powered so no wired power supply is required. The thermostat is supplied with interchangeable colored case covers.

Hive has recently launched smart plugs, window and door sensors, and motion sensors. It also plans to launch its own smart lights and cameras in future.

Ideal for conventional boilers, where separate hot water tanks are present and combination (combi) boilers. Hive is a single zone heating control connected thermostat

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