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Evohome Thermostat

Evohome is the Rolls Royce of smart thermostats, controling temperature room by room, day by day and hour by hour.

Evohome is the most advanced smart thermostat control system currently available. A wireless system which comes with a helpful installation setup wizard and an optional hot water control. The initial basic installation can be expanded at a later date with additional optional extras.

Unlike other single zone thermostats, Evohome is a multiple zone ‘room by room’ heating control which can be connected up to 12 different zones.

The Evohome thermostatic radiator valves(TRV) controllers can be individually adjusted just like standard valves. They detect when a window is opened for cooling, and turn the heating off to that zone.

Evohome is supplied with an additional attractive mains powered in home Wi-Fi touchscreen control. This comes with changable covers in white, black and silver.

Points to note about Evohome are it has no smart learning ability, no presence or motion detection, and no desktop computer access or support.

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