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Smart Thermostats

There are two types of internet intelligent thermostat, the ‘smart’ thermostat and the ‘connected’ thermostat.

Smart controls will learn and predict user habits automatically calculating desired temperature and patterns. The goal is for the thermostat to control the heating without any input from the user. Connected controls just allow the user to remotely operate the thermostat via a tablet or smartphone.

New remote Smart Heating Controls allow householders to set their boiler without even being in the house. Householders can talk to the boiler at home and set the temperature when there out and about, ensuring as little energy as possible is wasted. Smart controls promote flexibility and convenience, which leads to reduced energy bills.

Smart thermostats are also ideal if you have elderly parents that may have health conditions such as poor eyesight, arthritis or dementia. Having a smart thermostat fitted at your parents property means you can check their home temperature is at a comfortable level to keep them healthy and happy and remotely adjust it when required.

Some smart thermostats are also modulating controls, meaning they have the ability to precisely control the heating rather than just turning your heating on full power or completely off. It’s much cheaper to be able to heat in stages at 20, 40 or 60 per cent power to ensure a steady temperature.

The most advanced smart thermostats can control heating via an app on the homeowners smartphone. It recognizes when the last person has left the home and uses your phone’s location to automatically turn the heating off or reduces the temperature. It preheats your home by increasing the temperature when it senses the occupants are returning back to the house.

With possible savings of up to 31 per cent on gas heating bills, the house is always warm and you never have to remember to turn your heating on or off. We are Connected Specialists in today’s Internet of things (IOT) world.

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