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Washing Machines

Washing machine waste water discharge pipes are normally connected to under kitchen sink waste traps. They can also be connected to standpipe appliance waste traps.

Hot and cold water self-bore washing machine valves may still be fitted in some older properties. This type of valve was fitted by boring a hole in a copper pipe without having to turn off the water and drain the system. This process left a small disc section of copper pipe protruding inside the pipe restricting the flow of water to the washing machine.

These old type of valves are not approved to be used by water supply companies. Modern washing machines will not work when connected to this old type of valve, as the valve does not allow sufficient pressure for the washing machine to operate. A full-bore appliance isolation valve, is the best type of isolation valve to use, on a water supply pipe to a washing machine.

If the floor, where the washing machine is fitted, is constructed with floor boards, 10 – 15 millimeter plywood board should be fitted underneath the perimeter of the appliance. This will distribute the weight of the filled appliance over a large area of the floor boards and will help to reduce noise and vibration.A spirit level must be used to ensure the washing machine top is level before it is first used.

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