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Outside Taps

Cold water self-bore garden hose tap kits are unsuitable for the demands of the modern homeowner. This tap kit may be fitted in some older properties. This type of garden tap was fitted by boring a hole in a copper pipe without having to turn off the water and drain the system. This process left a small disc section of copper pipe protruding inside the supply pipe restricting the flow of water to the garden tap.

These old type of taps are not approved to be used by water supply companies, as the valve does not allow sufficient pressure for the outside tap to operate. A full-bore isolation valve, is the best type of isolation valve to use, on a water supply pipe to a outside tap.

This type of isolation valve, will allow a unrestricted full flow rate of water to the outside tap, and provide maximum pressure for using a hose pipe.Fitting a isolation valve to an outside tap, will allow you to isolate the water supply to the tap, to prevent repeated unauthorized opening of the tap by children.

During winter periods, the water supply to an outside tap, should be isolated, and the pipe work to the tap drained down. The tap and pipe work on the external wall should be insulated to protect from freezing.

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