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Magnetic Filtration

Fitting a magnetic filter to remove damaging sludge deposits will increase the lifespan of your boiler, radiators, cylinder and pipe work, improving its efficiency and saving you money. They’re quick to fit and they’re easy to look after.

Its a fact that all heating systems will work better with clean circulating water in them. It’s simply common sense.  Boiler manufacturers require chemical water treatment for their warranty guarantee terms and conditions to be valid.

The easiest way to do this is to fit a filter which will reduce the likelihood of costly repairs or call outs in the future. Cleaning and protecting a system using a filter can mean a 15% gas saving, which could add up to £142.

When a new boiler is fitted it could be the second or third boiler installed on to a existing heating system, meaning the system could be over 50 years old. With a system that old there will be sludge in the system. There’s no point replacing an old boiler with a brand new high efficiency condensing boiler on a dirty system.

Water treatment by means of a filter is an absolute must. Any energy savings offered by the new boiler would be wiped out by the dirty system. You would not run your car knowingly on filthy oil, so why run your heating system on filthy water?

There is a belief that you can just fit one of these filters rather than flushing or cleansing the system, but this is not true. The heating system still needs to be flushed and cleansed. Magnetic filters are an essential addition to a heating system, but are no substitute for flushing, which must still be carried out.

A magnetic filters performance is best measured after the first 24 hours following installation. It should be noted that a magnetic filter strength performance deteriorates as the magnet itself becomes coated with sludge deposits. Therefore regular cleaning is essential to ensure effective operation of the filter.

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