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Gas Fires

Gas fires, if not serviced and maintained each year, can become the most dangerous gas appliance to use in the home. A neglected gas fire, when in operation, can produce carbon monoxide in the home which could be fatal.

In order to work correctly, there must be sufficient air ventilation to allow the gas used by the fire to burn correctly. The airways the gas travels through inside the fire must be clean and unobstructed from soot, dust, hairs and chimney debris. Lastly the chimney flue must be clear, sound and correctly sized to remove poisonous fumes created by burning gas.

Imitation wooden logs, pebbles and coals supplied with gas fires must each be fitted in a specific position and facing an exact direction according to the fire manufacturers servicing instruction booklet. If they are not positioned correctly, this can again lead to the production of carbon monoxide in the home which could be fatal. Each year 75,000 gas fires are fitted dangerously by illegal unregistered gas fitters.

Most people believe that a service will fix a problem that your gas fire has, that is incorrect. If your gas fire has a fault with it please inform us so we can correct it for you under our repairs service before we begin our service procedure. Providing us with the correct information will save you time and labor costs.

Contact us for assistance to quickly arrange a service or repair of your gas fire, or for the installation of a new gas fire.

Gas Fire services in Newcastle upon Tyne

  • Gas Fire Fault Diagnosis
  • Gas Fire Repairs
  • Gas Fire Service
  • Gas Fire Installation
  • Gas Fire Disconnection
  • Gas Fire Safety Check