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Water Tank

Cold water storage tanks are usually made of plastic, but some older ones still in use are made from cast aluminum. These tanks are located in loft space areas or above hot water cylinders in airing cupboards, and are made in different sizes for different purposes.

A larger size tank is used in a traditional hot water and central heating system to supply cold water to the cylinder for heating and to upstairs cold water taps. A smaller sized tank located alongside this larger one, is used as a reservoir to replenish water lost from within the central heating radiator circuit.

Faults which can occur with tanks, can cause water leak damage within your home. Valves fitted to these tanks can fail resulting in either exterior overflow pipes leaking outside, or no water supply to both upstairs hot and cold water taps. The central heating radiator circuit can also be starved of water, resulting in reduced heating and damage to heating components.

Contact us for assistance to quickly repair your cold water tank, or for the installation of a new cold water tank.

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