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The first myth is that radiators need to be very hot. Radiators can provide a warm, comfortable indoor environment at much lower temperatures, even during the coldest weather. Recent research has demonstrated conclusively that provided a property is well insulated, there is no need for the radiators to be run at high temperatures.

Research has shown that when installed in the optimal position, below a window, radiators lose less than 1% of heat to the exterior over the course of a year. Blocking the circulation of air reduces the effectiveness of your heating, so make sure you pull furniture away from radiators, don’t use cabinets to disguise your radiator or cover your radiators with curtains.

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  • Radiator Leak
  • Towel Radiator Fitting
  • Towel Radiator Leak
  • Radiator Repair
  • Towel Radiator Installation
  • Towel Radiator Repair