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Condensing Boiler

All boilers bought today have to be condensing boilers. These come in three formats: conventional, combination and system type.

Condensing boilers are very energy efficient because they capture some of the heat which would escape from the flue of a non-condensing boiler and re-use it. It is used to pre-heat incoming water from the radiators, reducing the fuel needed and producing a boiler that’s up to 90% efficient.

This means they get more heat from the same amount of fuel, which will save you money on your heating bills. Older non-condensing boilers have a simple heat-exchange system, which can be as low as 70% fuel efficient.

Each year 147,000 gas boilers are fitted dangerously by illegal unregistered gas fitters. Illegal boiler installation work will also make it impossible to sell your home when solicitor building control searches are carried out, identifying your boiler as not being registered by a gas safe registered(Corgi) engineer.

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Condensing Boiler services in Newcastle upon Tyne

    • Boiler Fault Diagnosis
    • Boiler Repairs
    • Boiler Service
    • Expansion Vessel Repair
    • Boiler Safety Check
    • Diverter Valve