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Back Boiler

A back boiler is fitted to a open fireplace to enable it to provide both room heat and domestic hot water or central heating. The back boiler is typically used in conjunction with a hot water cylinder. It can also be connected to a series of radiators to provide central heating but requires an electrical pump to be fitted to circulate the hot water.

Back boilers require that the hot water or central heating system be able to disperse all of the heat captured from the fire, otherwise boiling or overheating of the water can occur. Back boilers have been known to cause explosions as a result of incorrect servicing or installation.

It is essential to have a yearly service procedure carried out on a back boiler, as this type of boiler presents the greatest risk to life from carbon monoxide poisoning which can be fatal.It is recommended to install a carbon monoxide alarm in the same room a back boiler is installed.

Purpose provided air vents in walls leading directly to outside must never be blocked by furniture or curtains, or even sealed with cling film or wallpaper. These vents provide necessary air to allow the back boiler to operate safely.

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Back boiler services in Newcastle upon Tyne

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