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Water closets (WC) and cisterns can be categorized as follows:-

  • Back to wall
  • Close coupled
  • Low level

Close coupled toilets provide a low strength flush when operated. This is because the cistern containing the water is mounted low down, coupled (attached) to the rear of the toilet pan the user sits on. The water in the cistern has less distance to fall between the cistern and pan when the toilet is flushed, therefore the effects of gravity on the falling water is small causing a low strength flush.

Back to wall, low level and wall mounted toilets provide a high strength flush because the cistern on these models is mounted higher than the cistern on a close coupled toilet. Because of the effect of gravity on the cistern water, when the toilet is flushed, the water has a further distance to fall and provides a large strength flush.

Faults which occur with toilets are caused by mechanical parts or by watertight seals. The mechanical parts are contained in the toilet cistern and include a water fill/inlet valve and flushing siphon/valve.

Both these valves can fail over time causing water to continuously leak into the pan or from an outside overflow pipe, or the flushing mechanism to stop working.

The watertight seals which are fitted between the cistern and pan, and between the pan and waste soil pipe can deteriorate and fail over time and need replacing.

Contact us for assistance to quickly repair your toilet, if you have problems with leaks, flushing or water filling operation or for the installation of a new toilet.

Toilet services in Newcastle upon Tyne

  • Toilet Cistern Leak
  • Toilet Pan Leak
  • Toilet Cistern Siphon
  • Cistern Fill Valves
  • Cistern Diaphragm
  • Cistern Falling Off Wall
  • Cloakroom Installation
  • Bidets
  • Overflows
  • Water Supply Pipe
  • Toilet Waste Pipe
  • Leaking Isolation Valves
  • Loose Unsteady Pan/Seat
  • Push Button / Handle
  • Cloakroom Fitting
  • Cistern Ball Valves
  • Blocked Toilet
  • Leaks