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Your shower can be one of two types, electric or mixer shower.

Electric shower

An electric shower is connected to a cold water supply pipe and an electrical supply cable. It heats up the cold water rapidly as the water passes through it turning it into hot water, before sending this hot water to the shower head to provide you with hot water for showering.

Faults can be caused by incorrect installation, if the shower is wrongly connected to undersized diameter water supply pipe. This will also invalidate any manufacturers guarantee.

This will cause the shower spray pressure to be too low for satisfactory showering. It may also starve the electric shower of sufficient water for correct operation, or cause it to overheat and eventually burn out.

A shower flexible hose supplied by your original shower manufacturer may have a smaller 8mm internal diameter bore size than modern 16mm replacements, affecting the water flow rate to your shower head.

A clever idea to improve your shower head water flow rate is to replace the shower head and shower flexible hose pipe. A shower head and hose can become partially blocked in time by the build up of dirt and limescale from your water supply.

In most instances, it is not cost effective to repair an old electric shower. It is more economical to replace it with a new one, with the benefit of a manufacturers 2 year warranty guarantee.

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Mixer shower

A mixer shower is connected to both hot and cold water supply pipes. Because of this, it provides a higher shower pressure.

It does not heat the cold water up, turning it hot for showering, like an electric shower does. The hot water supplied to this type of shower needs to be heated by other means elsewhere before being supplied to the shower.

Mixer shower valves which are hidden (concealed) inside partition walls, may look sleek in appearance, but when they develop faults and need replacing, this can involve removing and replacing tiling, involving not only labor and material charges for a plumber, but also a tiler and possibly a plasterer as well.

Mixer showers which are wall surface mounted (exposed), are much easier to maintain and replace. Any tiling is unaffected by replacing the shower, minimizing on material and labor costs.
The most common faults which occur with mixer showers are failure of the valve mixing sequence, and leaks from the valve itself.

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