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Shower Pumps

Shower pumps are fitted to water supply pipe work close to mixer showers to improve pressure and flow rate at the shower head. Shower pumps can not be used in conjunction with a combination boiler system, they can only be used on a open vented hot and cold water system.

Shower pumps can be broken down into two main choices, positive head and negative head pumps. The type that you will need depends upon the layout of your water system.

Positive head shower pump

This type of pump pushes the feed of water to operate the shower.

Negative head shower pump

This type of pump sucks the supply of water from the tanks to operate the shower.

Depending on if you want to boost both or one of the Hot and Cold supplies will determine if you need a twin or single ended impeller shower pump.

Single Impeller

Single impeller stand alone pumps are designed to pump just one supply (usually the hot). If you have a balanced supply then you could install a single impeller pump on the hot water supply. These days single shower pumps are mainly used to boost the hot supply if the cold is mains fed or if it is easier to install two single shower pumps rather than one twin shower pump. Its single impeller drives the water to the shower mixer. Older pumps tended to be single impellers and negative head.

Twin Impeller

Twin impeller stand alone pumps are designed to pump two water supplies(hot and cold) and are most commonly installed. If your supply isn’t well balanced you’ll need a twin impeller shower pump to balance the supply to the shower mixer delivering water at an equal flow. Otherwise, your hot water could be under pressured by the amount of cold water pressure affecting level of control temperature at the shower.

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