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Shower Cubicles

Shower cubicles are available in white and chrome silver frames.The thickness of the toughened safety glass is the main difference between many shower cubicles. Sizes range from 4mm – 8mm clear toughened safety glass, the thicker the glass the better the quality. Anti-limescale glass is good for easy cleaning, frosted glass can attract dirt.

Some models of shower cubicle are classified as ‘frame-less’, and use a minimum number of brackets to hold the glass panels together. Framed pivot or sliding shower cubicle doors will open easier and allow wider access into the shower enclosure, than bi-fold shower cubicle doors which fold as they are opened. Should space allow, a walk-in shower enclosure does away with the need for a door completely.

A low profile cubicle shower tray will appear more sleek, and reduces the ‘step-up’ into the shower enclosure. This can be a huge benefit to the old and infirm. Shower trays with non-slip patterned surfaces are a good safety benefit.

Faults which occur with shower cubicles are mostly caused by incorrect original fitting causing water leaks outside the shower cubicle or drainage blockages.

Contact us for assistance to quickly repair your cubicle, or for the installation of a new shower cubicle.

Shower cubicle services in Newcastle upon Tyne

  • Shower Tray Leaks
  • Ceiling / Waste Leaks
  • En-Suite Fitting
  • Shower Cubicle Fitting
  • Shower Tray Blocked
  • Faulty Shower Cubicle Door
  • Shower Cubicle Falling Apart
  • En-Suite Installation
  • Shower Cubicle Installation
  • Wet Room