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A programmable room thermostat is a thermostat with a programmer built in. The advantage is that different temperatures can be programmed at different times of the day. A controller such as an RF seven-day OpenTherm Programmable Room Thermostat will save up to 15 percent per year on running costs and can help homeowners save up to £67 a year on their gas bills.

Programmable digital thermostats provide combined time and temperature control. This lets the householder set the times they want the heating to be on and off, as well as the temperature it should reach. You can have more than one temperature measurement across the day and program your heating to suit your lifestyle.

Old mechanical thermostats only allow you to set one heat level during the day and night.

In general terms, the most energy efficient controls can be programmed for seven days, with a choice of options for each 24-hour period.

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