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You could save as much as £350 per year by replacing your old gas boiler. New domestic boilers are already 90% – 93% efficient. Some old boilers are only 60% efficient, for every pound you spent on gas, 40 pence in the pound is lost.


The Energy Saving Trust (EST) estimates that a homeowner could save as much as £350 per year by replacing an old gas boiler with an A-rated high efficiency condensing boiler and improving heating controls. This represents a significant amount of money when added up over a number of years.

For some old boilers the efficiency could be as low as 60 percent meaning that for every pound spent on gas, 40 pence in the pound is lost. Most new domestic boilers are already 90 – 93% efficient.

A domestic boiler will consume more than its initial price in fuel cost usage over its expected life cycle. Therefore, selecting a high efficiency boiler with a intelligent combustion management system rather than a cheaper entry level alternative can mean substantial savings, far in excess of what might be saved by spending less on a cheaper boiler.

There will come a time in your life when your only option is to install a new boiler. Each year 147,000 gas boilers are fitted dangerously by illegal unregistered gas fitters. This illegal work could endanger your families lives, cause damage to your property and invalidate your home insurance policy.

Illegal boiler installation work will also make it impossible to sell your home when solicitor building control searches are carried out, identifying your boiler as not being registered by a gas safe registered(Corgi) engineer.

With 84 percent of UK households energy used on heating and hot water and gas prices constantly increasing, you can reduce your energy bills by installing a new ERP energy efficient boiler. If your wondering which is the best boiler to buy for your home, contact us, we can provide a solution tailor made to your requirements.

In winter you’re twice as likely to experience a boiler breakdown. Nobody wants to find themselves without any heating during the cold winter months. Boiler repairs can be very expensive, especially around the festive Christmas period, when finances have already been stretched.

Please note

  • Boiler Service   is not a   Boiler Repair or Boiler Safety Check
  • Boiler Safety Check  is not a  Boiler Repair or Boiler Service
  • Boiler Repair   is not a   Boiler Service or Boiler Safety Check

Boiler Service in Newcastle upon Tyne

Most people believe that a service will fix a problem that your gas boiler has, that is incorrect. If your gas boiler has a fault with it please inform us so we can correct it for you under our repairs service before we begin our service procedure. Providing us with the correct information will save you time and labor costs.

  • Car Service        is same as    Boiler Service
  • Car MOT Test   is same as    Boiler Safety Check

If you own a car, it has an engine which burns fuel (petrol / diesel) to create combustion to power your car. Each year you get a service and MOT carried out to ensure it is safe to use and will not cause a fatal road traffic accident resulting in death. A regular servicing record keeps your vehicle reliable and efficient and can increase the resale value of your car.

Your boiler also has an engine which burns fuel (gas) to create combustion to heat your home. An annual boiler service/safety check keeps your boiler reliable and efficient and will also ensure the boiler is safe to use and does not start leaking poisonous carbon monoxide resulting in death.

Because this gas is colorless, tasteless and scentless, it’s impossible to tell if your boiler starts leaking carbon monoxide until its too late and causes death. A boiler service record can increase the resale value of your home.

Your boiler runs for many more hours each year than your car. The average boiler runs for thousands of hours per year, equivalent of driving your car more than 90,000 miles. Would you run your car for that many miles without getting it serviced or safety checked(MOT)?

Our certified Gas Safe Registered(Corgi) engineers carry out boiler service and boiler repair work, with a first time repair success rate, and keep your boiler working for as long as possible.

Our recommended annual boiler service includes a through performance inspection and cleaning of your boiler, together with the removal of any air pockets trapped within your heating system that would prevent your boiler from working efficiently, and cause future damage to your boiler components.

When attending to carry out a boiler service or heating repairs our engineers perform additional boiler safety checks with computerized efficiency calibration and diagnostics to identify potential safety issues.

Boiler Service –  (recommended)

To be eligible, the boiler must be in full operational working order. We will test all boilers to ensure they are functioning correctly before we begin the service procedure.

A service designed to help, but not guarantee, to prolong the life of a boiler.

A through safety inspection, clean of serviceable parts, test and service check procedure of your Combination boiler and remove air locks.This includes checking gas supply pressures, required safety ventilation and clearances around boiler. Stripping the boiler down, cleaning the burner and combustion chamber and removing damaging combustion deposits, then reassemble the boiler. A service check procedure of your Combination boiler using a calibrated electronic probe inserted in the boiler flue to analyze the contents of the flue gasses. The results of these tests are recorded in your boiler documentation records and service sheet/report as proof of annual servicing.

Please note we cannot backdate warranty service documentation.

  • Our engineer will inspect your boiler and operating controls to make sure they are working safely.
  • The inspection will involve checking your boiler for water leaks or corrosion.
  • Your boilers case will be removed to inspect the correct functioning of its components.
  • A gas pressure test will ensure your boiler is operating at the correct gas pressure.
  • A flue test analysis will confirm that no unsafe emissions are being released from your boiler.
  • Your boilers parts will be cleaned as necessary.
  • Your boiler’s casing will be refitted and properly sealed.
  • Your heating system will be purged of any damaging trapped air locks.

Boiler Safety Check in Newcastle upon Tyne

Regulation 36 of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 state a yearly gas safety check must be carried out on all gas appliances and flues in rented accommodation owned by a landlord and provided for tenants to use.

This check is a written record of what is seen and tested on the day the gas engineer attends and decides whether or not the gas appliances installed are safe to use. Landlords who do not comply with this Regulation will face legal action from the Health and Safety Executive.

Please be aware that a boiler gas safety check does not in any circumstances prevent issues from occurring in the future, its findings are what is found on the day and could result in your appliances being found to be not safe/at risk or immediately dangerous to use, however payment will still be due for the work in that event.

This work is basically like a car MOT test situation, you take your car to a garage test center to have its MOT test carried out. If it fails as a result of faults found then you have the option of getting the car repaired and then re-tested for the MOT test. But you still have to pay for the initial MOT test plus in addition you have to pay someone, either the MOT test center or another garage to have the faults rectified.

Our certified Gas Safe Registered(Corgi) engineer will carry out the following checks:-

  • Visual inspection of gas pipe,appliances,terminals,chimney,flue route and signs of incomplete combustion.
  • Case and combustion seals.
  • Gas emergency control valve access and Gas meter with correct label.
  • Appliance gas rate or burner pressure.
  • Combustion gas analysis ratio.
  • Correct gas appliance ventilation.
  • Flue flow/spillage testing of open flue gas appliances.
  • Safety controls for correct operation.
  • Take action should any unsafe operation of gas appliance be discovered.


Boiler Repair in Newcastle upon Tyne

At some point in your life you will experience boiler failure, resulting in no access to heating or hot water or maybe both. This usually happens in winter time when maximum demand is placed on your boiler. The old are particularly at risk from the cold and a young family will find it unacceptable to be without hot water.

Only certified Gas Safe Registered(Corgi) gas engineers are legally permitted to carry out gas repairs to your gas boiler. Nobody who is not a certified Gas Safe Registered(Corgi) gas engineer should be allowed or attempt to carry out gas repairs to your gas boiler.

It is not permitted for a unregistered plumber or DIY enthusiast to attempt repairs on any part of your boiler which does not involve contact with gas carrying components. Any work carried out to your boiler can seriously affect your boilers correct operation causing gas and poisonous carbon monoxide leaks both of which can cause death.

We take pride in our reputation for a first time repair success rate for our customers. Our engineers will always attempt to repair your old boiler and keep it working for as long as possible. We will strive to repair your boiler no matter what age, as long as:-

  • The spares are not obsolete.
  • You agree to the cost of the repair first in writing.
  • It is economically practicable to repair.

We only supply and fit manufacturer approved replacement parts. We do not supply or fit non approved boiler parts from on-line auction market places. Most replacement parts can be supplied the same day, with the exception being overnight delivery.

Contact us for assistance and immediate attendance, or to arrange a convenient appointment for your boiler repair.

Boiler repair services in Newcastle upon Tyne

  • Boiler Repair
  • Central Heating Repair
  • System Boiler Repair
  • Combi Repair
  • Water Heater Repair
  • Condensing Boiler Repair