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Basins fall into two main categories:-

  • Fixed to the wall
  • Counter top

The pedestal type is probably the most popular choice of fixed to wall basin for use in homes. A Pedestal fitted underneath a basin hides the water supply pipes from view, to the hot and cold taps on the basin. It also hides from view the waste water trap underneath the basin. If your new basin and pedestal have been fitted correctly, you should not see any pipe work visible when standing in front of the basin.

Counter top basins come in three types, one that sits proud of the work surface, the counter-top, and is sealed around the edge. The semi-counter top, which is used where space is tight as the front of the basin projects clear of the counter top. The third type is the under the counter top, this has the worktop surface on top of the basin.

All basins are available on either single tap holes for mono-block mixer tap, or dual tap holes for pillar taps. Basins are also available with three holes for fittings with an independent spout.

Pop-up wastes which come supplied with some basin taps have been known to develop problems after being fitted for some time. Customers have discovered they cannot open or close the plug hole to empty water from the basin, because the pop-up mechanism is jammed. Because of these problems, Control Heating do not recommend the fitting of pop-up wastes on basins.

Faults which occur with basins are mostly caused by incorrect original fitting causing water leaks or drainage blockages.

Contact us for assistance to quickly repair your basin, or for an estimate for the installation of a new basin.

Basin services in Newcastle upon Tyne

  • Faulty/Loose/Dripping Taps
  • Leaking Pipes/Valves
  • Basin Unstable
  • Blocked Basin
  • Leaking Trap/Waste Pipe
  • Blocked Waste/Overflow
  • Faulty Mechanical Plug